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College GOP: 'Say yes' to Scott's dress

By Ashley Codianni and Ashley Killough, CNN
updated 10:40 AM EDT, Thu October 2, 2014

Washington (CNN) -- Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott is a ... wedding dress?

The College Republican National Committee put together one of the most off-the-wall political ads of the year, featuring wedding dresses (yes, actually dresses) named after Scott and Charlie Crist, his Democratic opponent.

The ad, "Say Yes To Rick Scott" is a rip of TLC's reality show "Say Yes To The Dress", and features a glowing young bride blissfully twirling in her "Rick Scott" dress. "The Rick Scott is perfect!" she exclaims to her friends and family. She then tries on the "Charlie Crist" dress, and oh boy, "it's expensive and a little out dated" says the saleswoman with a frown.

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful enough as it is, even when the dress isn't running for office.


The ad saw some pushback on social media largely from Democrats who argued it was sexist.

Asked about the ad in a Q&A session at an Republican National Committee event on Thursday, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said he thought it was "pretty clever," though he didn't address the Democratic reaction.

Earlier at the same event, Priebus answered a question about how the Republican Party is improving its image among women. He argued that GOP hasn't done a bad job electing women, but "sometimes we do a really bad job bragging about it."

He said they could do more to make sure women are on the Sunday morning news shows and have more prevalent roles as campaign managers and communications directors on political campaigns.