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A few 'Friends' reunite on 'Kimmel'

updated 10:56 AM EDT, Thu August 28, 2014
  • Jimmy Kimmel reunited some of the stars of "Friends" on Wednesday
  • Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox played along in a mock scene
  • Kimmel joked he "killed off" their co-stars Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry
  • The 20th anniversary of "Friends'" debut is in September

(CNN) -- With the 20th anniversary of "Friends" coming up in September, this might be the best cast reunion we're going to get.

On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night, host Kimmel concocted a small get-together between Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow.

With Aniston as his guest, Kimmel admitted to being a huge "Friends" follower in the '90s -- so much so that he's even written some fan fiction.

In Kimmel's version of the NBC sitcom, he's Ross, and Rachel (Aniston), Monica (Cox) and Phoebe (Kudrow) can't stop talking about his impressive "lovemaking."

It may sound dumb -- especially since Monica and Ross were siblings on "Friends" -- but as Kimmel replied to Aniston's criticism, "Is it dumber than living in a huge apartment in New York City for eight years, even though you work at a coffee shop?"

Point taken. Before long, Aniston and Kimmel's re-enactment of "Friends" -- on a replica of the set, no less -- was boosted by the appearances of Cox and Kudrow. Where were their male co-stars, Matt LeBlanc (who played Joey) and Matthew Perry (who played Chandler)? Kimmel had them killed off.

But as the 20th anniversary of the debut of "Friends" nears -- the pilot episode aired September 22, 1994 -- longtime devotees may not be satisfied with one-half of the cast making an appearance. Yet the actors themselves, from Aniston and LeBlanc to Kudrow, have warned fans to lower their expectations.

In April, Cox told David Letterman that a full "Friends" reunion was pretty unlikely, considering she couldn't even get all of the stars in one place for dinner.

"It's not gonna happen," Cox told the "Late Show" host. "I've been trying to put together a cast dinner for 10 years. It doesn't happen. I can get the girls to come, maybe Matthew Perry. Matt LeBlanc canceled last time right at the last minute, (David) Schwimmer lives here (in New York). ... So it's not gonna happen."

In the meantime, at least there will be a Central Perk pop-up shop.