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Suspects in Craigslist killing plead guilty

By Dana Ford, CNN
updated 8:46 AM EDT, Wed August 27, 2014
  • Miranda Barbour and her husband are charged with murder in Pennsylvania
  • Police said they met the man through a Craigslist companionship ad
  • Miranda Barbour has claimed to have killed at least 22 people

(CNN) -- Two people accused of killing a man they met through Craigslist pleaded guilty in Pennsylvania.

They entered their pleas early Tuesday, according to Trisha Cotner, administrative assistant for the district attorney of Northumberland County District Attorney's Office.

Miranda Barbour, 19, and her husband, Elytte Barbour, 22, are charged in the 2013 death of Troy LaFerrara, 42. He was stabbed and strangled in their car after connecting with the couple through a Craigslist companionship ad, police said.

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Investigators tracked the couple through phone numbers in LaFerrara's phone.

Police said the couple wanted to kill someone together for the thrill. They had been married for only three weeks at the time of the slaying and had moved from North Carolina to Pennsylvania after tying the knot.

Earlier this year, Miranda Barbour told the Daily Item newspaper of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, that she had killed at least 22 people over six years across the country. She stood by that statement in an interview with the same newspaper a week ago.

Sunbury Police Chief Chief Steve Mazzeo said in March he had passed along the information to other jurisdictions.

"I'm not saying I do or don't believe it," he said then.

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CNN's Haimy Assefa and Ralph Ellis contributed to this report.