Israeli spokesman: Man held in teens' killing is a 'senior member of Hamas'

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    Israel: Senior member of Hamas arrested

Israel: Senior member of Hamas arrested 01:49

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  • The man was trying to cross the border into Jordan, Regev said
  • The teens' deaths spurred anger across israel
  • On July 2, a Palestinian teen was killed, an act believed to be a revenge killing

A man arrested in July and accused of having a role in the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli teenagers is "a senior member of Hamas," Mark Regev, spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Regev made the remarks Wednesday during a live interview on CNN's "New Day."

"Apparently he was trying to illicitly cross the border into Jordan, but we got him in time," Regev said. "His arrest will lead, I hope, to further arrests."

After the on-air interview, Regev was asked what proof Israel has that this man is a member of Hamas.

He said he would get back with an answer. Regev did not elaborate on the exact role the man allegedly had in the kidnapping and killing of the teenagers.

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The three Israeli teens -- including one who was a dual U.S. citizen -- were on their way home from school in the West Bank in June when they were abducted. Their bodies were discovered July 1 in the West Bank. Israel blamed Hamas -- the militant anti-Israel group that controls the Palestinian territory of Gaza.

Hamas, whose fighters have targeted and killed Israeli soldiers and civilians over the years, denied involvement in the attack on the teens.

    Grassroots rage in Israel

    The kidnappings and killings provoked grassroots rage in Israel.

    On July 2, a Palestinian teen was abducted and his body was found an hour later. Palestinian and Israeli officials condemned the killing. Days later, Israel announced suspects were arrested and there was a "strong indication" it was a revenge killing.

    Map: Middle East region

    Rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel increased and Israel carried out airstrikes targeting militants in Gaza. On July 7, Israel declared Operation Protective Edge, an offensive aimed at Hamas and other militants in Gaza.

    The offensive, designed to take out Hamas-built tunnels leading into Israel and to disable the militants' arsenal, wound down this week with a 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire.

    It comes after fierce fighting that killed nearly 1,900 Palestinians, 64 Israeli soldiers and three civilians in Israel. Israeli strikes targeting Hamas and other militant groups left widespread destruction and displacement in Gaza.

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