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'Mad Max: Fury Road' wheels into Comic-Con

By Lisa Respers France, CNN
updated 4:36 PM EDT, Mon July 28, 2014
Tom Hardy stars as Max Rockatansky in
Tom Hardy stars as Max Rockatansky in "Mad Max: Fury Road."
  • The newest "Mad Max" trailer premiered at Comic-Con
  • The original film was released in 1979
  • George Miller, who directed the original, is also directing this one

(CNN) -- Will you still be mad for it?

The trailer for "Mad Max: Fury Road" is out, and it's gotten a 21st-century makeover. Where the 1979 film starred Mel Gibson, this time around, Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are at the helm.

George Miller, who directed the original, is back on board for this one.

The trailer debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, and according to the Sydney Morning Herald, Miller said during the Comic-Con panel that this film packs in a lot of mileage.

"I love chase movies; I think they're the purest form of cinema," Miller said. "That's where the film language started. I wanted to make one long, extended chase, and see what we could pick up about the characters along the way."

Based on the trailer, there will be plenty of chasing, dust and drama in the new "Mad Max," which has been in the works for years. Filming reportedly began in 2012.

"Mad Max: Fury Road" is scheduled for release May 15.