Shia LaBeouf appears in court

Actor Shia LaBeouf, center, was in court in New York on Thursday.

Story highlights

  • Actor Shia LaBeouf went to court over incident at Broadway show
  • Attorneys asked for an adjournment
  • The actor declined to speak with the media
Shia LaBeouf appeared in Manhattan criminal court Thursday morning over charges stemming from a June incident at a Broadway performance of "Cabaret."
The actor was arrested after allegedly disrupting the Broadway show mid-performance and has been accused of berating and spitting at police officers who were removing him from the theater. LaBeouf is charged with criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and harassment.
The actor's attorney, G. Robert Gage Jr., and New York Assistant District Attorney Ali Russell jointly requested an adjournment from the court, asking the judge to allow them to work toward "a possible resolution" to the charges.
Unlike some celebs who have been late to their legal proceedings, the "Transformers" actor arrived more than 30 minutes before the courtrooms opened.
He entered the courtroom surrounded by his legal team and went up to shake hands with Russell. He appeared uncomfortable before his appearance and sat in the third row, surrounded by his advisers, with his head down and his eyes surveying the room.
LaBeouf didn't speak during the brief court appearance before Judge Ann Scherzer, who took less than five minutes to grant the adjournment.
Court officers helped the actor make a hasty exit from the courthouse. Dodging photographers, LeBeouf refused to address the media or answer any questions.