Napa homes evacuated due to wildfire

An 800-acre wildfire in California wine country forced the evacuation of 100 homes, a fire official told CNN.

Story highlights

  • The fire, which began Tuesday, grew to 2,500 acres
  • One veterinarian evacuated some of her horses as the fire was just a mile a way
  • Conditions are unusually dry for this time of year
A fast-growing wildfire threatened scores of homes in Napa County, California, officials said Tuesday.
About 150 residences some 22 miles from the town of Napa were evacuated, Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant said.
"We're experiencing conditions we normally see in late summer or fall," he said.
Dry conditions are fueling the blaze, he said, adding that it isn't very windy.
Still, the fire grew to 2,500 in a matter of hours Tuesday. About 30% of the fire has been contained.
"It's very scary. We're keeping an eye out," said Sally Kimsey, the owner-operator of a combination winery and veterinarian clinic.
The fire was about a mile from her property. She said she had evacuated some horses and was lining up trailers in case the fire got closer.