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Tropical storm could dampen East Coast's holiday

By Ralph Ellis, CNN
updated 5:32 PM EDT, Tue July 1, 2014
  • NEW: 80% chance that tropical system will form, National Hurricane System says
  • If it strengthens into a tropical storm, rain could fall from Carolinas to Northeast
  • A tropical storm would be given the name Arthur

(CNN) -- Folks on the East Coast might need their umbrellas July 4 if a low-pressure area in the Atlantic becomes a tropical storm.

The National Hurricane Center says the low-pressure area about 140 miles east of Melbourne, Florida, has an 80% chance of developing into a tropical system in the next two days.

The rains could put a damper on July 4 activities from the Carolinas to the Northeast.

Tropical storm threatens July 4th

A tropical depression is likely to form by midweek as the weather system moves southwest before turning northwest toward the southeastern United States, the hurricane center said.

The tropical storm would clear out by the weekend, CNN meteorologists said, adding that Florida can expect heavy rain at the start of the week.

If the weather system does turn into a tropical storm it would be given the name Arthur.

According to the National Weather Service, there's a 30% chance of rain July 4 in Washington and a 60% chance on the two preceding days. New York has a 60% chance of rain on Independence Day and a 30% to 70% chance the two preceding days.

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