Current fighting pushes Iraqi refugee population past 1 million

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  • The number of people fleeing their homes in Iraq nearly doubled overnight, U.N. says
  • 500,000 people have been displaced from the northern city of Mosul
  • 480,000 have left their homes in Anbar province
  • The cities of Irbil and Duhuk are hosting more than 300,000 internally displaced people

The rapid sweep of Islamic militants from Syria into northern Iraq has sent the Middle East into crisis, caused alarm in capitals from Tehran to Washington and forced about half a million people to flee their homes.

The flood of Iraqis trying to escape ISIS fighters doubled the country's displaced population almost overnight. More than 1.1 million people -- nearly one out of 30 -- in Iraq are now displaced.

Ahead of World Refugee Day on Friday, CNN looks at where they came from and where they've gone.


Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, in the past few weeks: 500,000

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Tal Afar, a smaller city north of Mosul: 84,000

Tikrit and Samarra, cities on the road from Mosul to Baghdad: about 40,000

    Diyala province, between Baghdad and the Iranian border: 6,000

    Anbar province, west of Baghdad: 480,000


    Duhuk, a city in the north: 230,000 from Mosul and Tal Afar

    Irbil, a city southeast of Mosul: 100,000 from Mosul

    Displaced within the city of Mosul itself: 25,000

    Sinjar and surroundings in the north: 54,000 from Tall Afar

    Kirkuk: about 23,000 from Mosul and Anbar province

    Sulaimaniya: More than 26,000 from Anbar and Diyala provinces

    Tikrit: 83,500 from Anbar province

    Displaced within Anbar province: 286,000

    Baghdad: 46,800 from Anbar province

    The cities of Najaf, Karbala, Al-Hillah, Mandali, Al Kut and Ad Diwaniya combined: Nearly 10,000

    Source: United Nations, as of June 18, 2014

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