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Principal fired over Sewol ferry disaster

By K.J. Kwon, CNN
updated 12:33 PM EDT, Wed June 18, 2014
  • Principal of high school that suffered loss in Sewol ferry disaster is removed
  • Removal is related to the Sewol accident, says official
  • Vice principal of Danwon High School committed suicide in April

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- The principal of a high school, which lost 244 students and 10 teachers in the deadly Sewol ferry disaster in April, has been removed from his post, according to the local education office.

"I cannot reveal detailed reasons for his removal because it is personal information, but it is regarding the Sewol accident," said an official with the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education.

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The second-year class from Danwon High School was on a school trip on the ill-fated ferry on April 16. The Sewol ferry departed from Incheon headed to Jeju island carrying 339 students and teachers when it sank. Of the school group, 77 were rescued.

Later that month, classes resumed with remaining students and staff in shock and grief, as nearly an entire class had been lost.

The name of the dismissed principal was not released Wednesday.

"The decision was made a while ago, but was carried out only recently because the focus was on dealing with the accident," said the education official.

Overall, 12 people remain missing and 292 died in the Sewol incident.

Three days after the Sewol ferry sank, the vice principal of Danwon High School, who had been rescued from the vessel, was found dead after apparently hanging himself. Kang Min Kyu, 52, had expressed regret in a note that he had survived while so many others had died.

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CNN's Madison Park contributed to this report.

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