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World's top 25 amusement parks

By Katia Hetter, CNN
updated 9:27 PM EDT, Wed June 4, 2014
25. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Japan features amusement park rides, an aquarium and over 500 varieties of fish. 25. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise in Japan features amusement park rides, an aquarium and over 500 varieties of fish.
25. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Japan
24. Efteling, Netherlands
23. Tivoli Gardens, Denmark
22. SeaWorld California
21. Walt Disney Studios, France
20. Europa-Park, Germany
19. SeaWorld Florida
18. Nagashima Spa Land, Japan
17. Universal Studios Hollywood, California
16. Universal Studios, Florida
15. Everland, South Korea
14. Lotte World, South Korea
13. Hong Kong Disneyland
12. Ocean Park, Hong Kong
11. Islands of Adventure, Florida
10. Disney's California Adventure
9. Universal Studios Japan
8. Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida
7. Disney's Animal Kingdom, Florida
6. Disneyland Park, France
5. Disney's Epcot, Florida
4. Tokyo DisneySea, Japan
3. Disneyland, California
2. Tokyo Disneyland, Japan
1. Magic Kingdom, Florida
  • There were more than 200 million visits to the top 25 parks in 2013
  • Many of those visits were to Disney theme parks on three continents
  • Universal Studios and SeaWorld parks were also popular

(CNN) -- What's the most popular theme park in the world?

Hint: It's got Mickey Mouse ears.

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This Disney theme park had more than 18 million visits last year, an increase of nearly 6% over 2012, according to a report released Tuesday. (Click through the gallery to check out the top 25 parks in the world.)

Amusement park attendance is on the rise around the world.

There were 215 million visits to the top 25 theme and amusement parks worldwide, up 4.3% from 2012, according to the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM global attractions attendance report. The index lists the 25 most visited amusement and theme parks worldwide, based on attendance figures compiled by AECOM.

Disney dominated the list.

Disney parks in the United States, Europe and Asia made up nine of the top 10 parks and held 11 of the top 25 spots. Universal Studios' theme parks came in a distant second with just one park in the top 10 list and four in the top 25 list. SeaWorld held two spots.

Visits to North American and Asian parks keep increasing, and not just at the top 25 parks: There were 135 million visits to the top 20 North American theme/amusement parks last year, up 2.7% from 2012. There were 117 million visits to the top 20 Asian theme/amusement parks last year, up 7.5% from 2012.

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