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North Dakota tornado strikes oil field camp, destroys 12 RVs

By AnneClaire Stapleton and Holly Yan, CNN
updated 4:42 PM EDT, Tue May 27, 2014
  • The tornado struck an oil field camp in western North Dakota
  • 12 to 15 recreational vehicles were destroyed, the local sheriff's department says
  • Nine people were injured

(CNN) -- A tornado that ripped across part of North Dakota damaged an oil field camp and destroyed at least a dozen recreational vehicles, officials said.

The twister touched down Monday evening about six miles south of Watford City, the McKenzie County Sheriff's Office said.

Nine people were injured -- eight who suffered minor injuries, and one who was flown to Trinity Hospital in Minot, the sheriff's department said.

Close encounter with a massive tornado

The tornado's path included an oil field camp five miles south of Watford City, the National Weather Service in Bismark said.

The McKenzie County Sheriff's Office said 12 to 15 RVs were destroyed at an RV park.

Severe weather is possible again Tuesday for parts of North Dakota.

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