'Kill' list of classmates they hate get 3 girls a visit from police

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    Police: 6th grader makes 'hit list'

Police: 6th grader makes 'hit list' 01:31

Story highlights

  • Three girls make a list of classmates' names with the word "kill" written on it
  • A fellow student sees the list, tells a teacher, who contacts the principal
  • Police who talk to the girls think there was never a threat and are unlikely to file charges
  • The list also includes categories for classmates they liked and disliked

Childish antics with a spiteful twist got three elementary school girls in Pennsylvania a visit from the police.

The girls made a list of classmates' names with the word "kill" written on it, CNN affiliate WTAE reported Wednesday.

Officers had a talk with the sixth graders at Colfax Upper Elementary School in Springdale and concluded that they didn't really plan to kill students on a list of more than 20 names.

But in the age of school shootings, no one took any chances.

A fellow student who saw the list told a teacher, who contacted the principal. Police appeared at the door, and the handwritten note made the rounds among students and their parents as a "kill list."

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    6th graders questioned over 'kill list'

6th graders questioned over 'kill list' 01:40

The police chief wouldn't go as far as to call it that.

"I think that's a bit extreme," said Julio Medeiros. He saw it as more of a list of classmates the girls couldn't stand.

    "Some kids have some of the most foolish reasons for not liking somebody," he said. Putting their names on such a list may have been a poor choice.

    Medeiros doesn't believe there was ever a threat to anyone's safety, he said, but there will be consequences for the girls.

    "The school has taken a very hard-line approach," he said. Police, on the other hand, are unlikely to file charges, Medeiros told CNN affiliate KDKA.

    The list also included columns for the names of students the girls "liked" and "disliked." "Wanted to kill" was the third category.