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'The Killing' final season gets Netflix release date

By James Hibberd, EW
updated 4:41 PM EDT, Thu April 24, 2014
Mireille Eno stars in
Mireille Eno stars in "The Killing."
  • The series will return August 1
  • There are only six episodes
  • "The Killing" has been canceled twice

( -- The final season — the real final season this time — of "The Killing" has a release date.

Netflix will unleash the last season of the murky, rainy crime drama on Aug. 1. The final fourth-season batch is only six episodes, so this is one binge you can easily polish off in a single night.

EW: 'The Killing' shock: Netflix revives twice-canceled show for FINAL season

As we've previously noted, The Killing, which stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman as Seattle detectives, was AMC's true zombie show — a series that was canceled twice and then revived twice. More details about its improbably resurrection.

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