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'The Daily Show' adds new correspondent

By Hillary Busis,
updated 12:19 PM EST, Tue March 4, 2014
Jordan Klepper is the newest member of
Jordan Klepper is the newest member of "The Daily Show."
  • "The Daily Show" has added a new correspondent
  • Jordan Klepper is an alum of the Upright Citizens Brigade
  • He debuted on "The Daily Show" March 3

( -- As of Monday, the best damn news team in America has a new member: Jordan Klepper, an Upright Citizens Brigade veteran who happens to look a lot like the vast majority of "Saturday Night Live's" new featured players (read: blandly handsome; white).

"The Daily Show" — which, in the fairly recent past, has come under fire for a lack of onscreen and behind-the-scenes diversity — made a joke of this in Klepper's very first segment Monday night, naming him the program's new Senior Caucasian Correspondent.

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And naturally, the self-referential humor didn't stop there.

Theoretically, Klepper's Caucasian-ness made him the perfect choice for a piece focusing on the situation in Crimea. In practice, the poor guy was so nervous that he ended up turning the entire segment into a self-conscious commentary on his own situation as a new member of the "Daily Show" family — culminating in a fourth-wall busting act that might have gotten Klepper the ax if, you know, it hadn't been planned.

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Nicely done, Jordan; we're sure Dad is very proud of you this morning.

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