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Justin Bieber security guard, driver arrested in alleged camera theft

By Matthew Stucker, CNN
updated 10:39 AM EST, Wed February 26, 2014
  • NEW: Driver is released without charges
  • The camera is thought to be worth $10,000
  • Police identify the security guard as Hugo Hesny, 32
  • A representative for Bieber declined to comment

Atlanta (CNN) -- One of Justin Bieber's security guards and a driver were arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing a photographer's camera in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

The photographer was waiting outside of a suburban Atlanta arcade Bieber was in when the guard confronted the photographer, according to Steve Rose, a spokesman for the Sandy Springs Police Department.

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The photographer left and was then followed by the bodyguard and another man driving a Cadillac Escalade, Rose said. The men stopped the photographer's car in an adjacent parking lot.

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The security guard then took the camera from the photographer and fled to the home Bieber is renting in Sandy Springs, Rose said.

A police officer stopped the bodyguard and the driver in the driveway, spotted the camera and took both men into custody.

They have since been identified by police as 32-year-old Hugo Hesny, the guard, and 49-year-old Terrance Johnson, the driver.

Both men were initially charged with felony theft of the camera, estimated to be worth $10,000.

Johnson was later released and charges were dropped, police said.

A small amount of marijuana also was found in the Escalade, along with some pipes commonly used to smoke it. Because of the small amount of pot, no charges were filed, according to a police statement.

Bieber was not involved in the incident.

A representative for the singer declined to comment.

CNN first learned of the arrests on Twitter.

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