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World's best honeymoon spot is ...

Story highlights

  • Maldives won a comprehensive victory in survey as top honeymoon destination
  • Of 20 places offered for a honeymoon, Montreal was selected less than 1% of the time
  • Where would you want to spend a honeymoon? Vote in our Facebook poll
For some it's Paris, for others Rome.
For others it gets no more exotic than the local Indian restaurant.
But where would you like to spend your honeymoon?
Or where did you spend it?
A recent survey from booking site revealed that 20% of 15,000 customers from around the world picked the Maldives as their "dream honeymoon location."
The survey was limited to 20 pre-selected locations, mixing cities, countries and other locales, and interviewees couldn't add their own.
We want to widen the choice to anywhere in the world and ask: where would you go for a once-in-a-lifetime, post-wedding holiday with your partner?
Click here to go to our Facebook poll, add your destination and vote.
Top honeymoon destinations according to
Maldives -- 20.3%
Greek Islands -- 7.8%
Paris -- 7.6%
Bali -- 7.1%
Hawaii -- 6.6%
Italy -- 6.5%
Caribbean Islands -- 5.7%
Tahiti -- 5.6%
New Zealand -- 5.2%
Istanbul -- 3.8%
Phuket -- 3.5%
Australia -- 3.4%
Prague -- 2.8%
Las Vegas -- 2.7%
New York -- 2.5%
Spain -- 2.5%
Cancun -- 2.4%
Rio de Janeiro -- 2.2%
Croatia -- 1.0%
Montreal -- 0.9%