66 adorable reasons to watch Puppy Bowl X

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  • Puppy Bowl 2014 features 66 puppies traipsing the gridiron
  • This year's Puppy Bowl kitten halftime features keyboard cat
  • Last year's Puppy Bowl drew 2.6 million viewers

For the past decade, millions of Americans have passed on the biggest football game of the year to watch something way cuter -- "Puppy Bowl." By now it's an established fact: Television doesn't get much more adorable than puppies.

"Puppy Bowl," Animal Planet's alternative programming to the NFL's Super Bowl, is the sublime result of pairing a bunch of wiggly puppies -- 66, in fact -- with squeaky toys and a mini-stadium set. Add a "rufferee" and a kitty-filled halftime, and every floppy tackle or slobbered-on football inspires an unintelligible burst of baby talk and giggles. That's the power of puppies!

Ahead of this year's most big game, we take a look at Puppy Bowl 2014, by the numbers.

10 -- Number of Puppy Bowls on Animal Planet, including this year. "Puppy Bowl X" premieres at 3 p.m. ET and PT February 2.

2 hours -- Official length of each year's "Puppy Bowl."

6 -- Times it's replayed on Super Bowl Sunday. It's not really a 12-hour show!

12.4 million -- Total number of Puppy Bowl IX viewers in 2013.

    2.6 million -- Average number of viewers during "Puppy Bowl IX" in 2013.

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    1.1 million -- Average number of viewers during the blackout of Super Bowl XLVII in 2013.

    5.58 million -- Viewers who watched "Puppy Bowl I" on February 6, 2005.

    36 -- Puppies in Puppy Bowl X's starting lineup.

    12-18 weeks -- Age range of the puppies in the starting lineup.

    37 -- Adoption agencies and shelters that provided the puppy players.

    12-15 -- Number of puppies on the "field" at a time. This is one of several good Puppy Bowl statistics we found from Ad Age.com.

    19 x 10 feet -- Area of the Geico Puppy Bowl stadium.

    30 -- Percent increase in ad revenue so far this year over last year's Puppy Bowl.

    3 -- Guinea pigs watching from the "blimp."

    30 -- Kittens performing a "domino topple" during the halftime show.

    More than 34 million -- Views on YouTube of the "Original Keyboard Cat" that was first posted in 2007. A new version will be performing during Puppy Bowl X.

    Almost 26,000 -- Meep the Bird's Twitter followers. As the social media correspondent for the Puppy Bowl, Meep will send out tweets during the game. Get it?!!

    Almost 300,000 -- Tweets mentioning the Puppy Bowl IX Twitter users sent during its two-hour premiere in 2013.

    49 -- Animal Planet crew members on the job during this year's bowl.

    103 -- Total number of hours of footage shot for Puppy Bowl X.

    1995 -- The year Dan FitzSimons created "The Puppy Channel," 24 hours of puppies. It has since moved online, at ThePuppyChannel.com.

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