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CNN Instagram challenge: What's your color?

By Tim Lampe and Emanuella Grinberg, CNN
updated 11:57 AM EST, Thu January 30, 2014
  • Instagrammers share visual representations of colors that mean something to them
  • Red and yellow were popular among Instagrammers for their energy and warmth
  • Some people took pictures of themselves; others took pictures of other people

Editor's note: This is CNN's second community Instagram challenge (see the first here). For each challenge, we ask Instagrammers to take a picture and and tell a story about it. Follow CNN and CNN iReport on Instagram for the next challenge, and your image might be included in our next feature.

(CNN) -- Perhaps you heard that Pantone's 2014 color of the year is radiant orchid, which, according to the global color authority, "emanates great joy, love and health."

To choose its color of the year, Pantone draws inspiration from global trends in the arts, entertainment, fashion and technology, among other sources. What about you? How are you influenced by color? What shades inspire you, energize you or reflect your personality?

We asked CNN Instagram followers to ponder this question and create images that illustrate the answer. Below are just a few highlights. Take a look at all of the submissions by searching the #CNNMyColor hashtag in Instagram.

Shawn Thompson, Van, Texas

Shawn Thompson created this image with the help of his junior high school theater teacher, with whom he still keeps in touch. "The color blue itself symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, and truth; all of which are traits that I strive for and are meaningful to me," he said. "Although it may be one of the most common and probably a boring choice when it comes to one's favorite color ... it brings me more joy than any other color. It represents life. I want to live my life in the 'bluest' way possible if it means that I exude the qualities that it is known for."

Karl Ivan Jover, Manila, Philippines

Karl Ivan Jover says red is his favorite color because it conveys excitement, drives energy and epitomizes love and passion. It can also represent anger and danger, "so it's a little bit of a balance," he said. To create this image, he stood in front of a silk red backdrop, hung a stool from the ceiling and set his iPhone to take the picture using a self-timer app. Obviously, he turned the image upside down when he uploaded it.

Anne McIsaac, Montreal

Anne McIsaac is known among her Instagram followers for obsessively cataloguing the color yellow with the #yellowoclock tag. To her, yellow embodies a sunny disposition, making anything look happy and cheerful, bringing smiles to people. This composition was created by capturing natural yellow color.

Kristin Bowen, Atlanta

Beyond liking the word "cyan," Kristin Bowen says she chose this turquoise-like shade because it represents creativity and energy. For her composition, she positioned an origami crane from local Atlanta artist Yoyo Ferro against a wall on the side of a gallery in Atlanta's West Midtown neighborhood.

Lauren Marek, Bellville, Texas

Lauren Marek took this picture of her brother in his letterman jacket at Bellville High School, where he plays varsity football for the hometown team, the Bellville Brahmas. "High school football in Texas is everything and I'm excited for the upcoming year to document his experience," she said. For this reason, she chose red as her color for 2014, to represent her hometown.

Sarah Mulligan, Brooklyn, New York

Sarah Mulligan chose the color yellow to embody the personality of her friend Kate, pictured, whom she describes as an artistic, hilarious, adorable Beatles fan "as warm as the sun itself."

Jenna Tamara, Hong Kong

Jenna Tamara says red represents boldness and impulsiveness, traits she sees in herself. "But, at the same time, I'm able to blend into my surroundings easily."

Paul Rudolph, Portland, Oregon

Orange has been Paul Rudolph's color of choice since childhood. He recalls picking out bedroom wallpaper of orange locomotives; four decades later it's still the color he turns to the most. It gives him inspiration, comfort, delight and warmth. This photo was taken at Cameron's Books and Magazines in downtown Portland.

Jeremy Veach, Port Orchard, Washington

Jeremy Veach is known on Instagram for the many captures of his pug Norm, whom he seeks to match to various settings and colors. In this image, Veach dressed Norm in a purple "Bieber fever" sweater to match the flora around him. "And, just to clarify, Norm doesn't have the fever," Veach said.

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