Devo, mullets and airline safety in Delta's latest video

Hints of the 1980s abound, including Gerald Casale from Devo, in Delta Air Line's newest safety video.

Story highlights

  • It's blast from the 1980s past in this Delta video
  • Make sure your nail polish is shiny when you buckle up
  • A certain redhead shows up again in this video
Hairspray your hair into an '80s one-sided ponytail, put your Devo tape into your tape deck and get ready to dance to Delta Air Lines' latest safety video.
An homage to the 1980s, this is the airline's fourth new safety video in two years, says Delta spokeswoman Leslie Scott.
"We want people to stay engaged while watching such an important message," wrote Scott, via e-mail. "We knew it was something that would resonate with many of our most frequent travelers who have an emotional connection to that decade -- whether it's a fond memory or produced some cringeworthy fashion/hair choices."
There are special guest stars from the 1980s sprinkled among the actual Delta pilot and flight attendants, decked out in 1980s uniforms from the Delta museum.