Judge: Man accused of kidnapping sons, sailing to Cuba is insane

Video shows family on boat in Cuba
Video shows family on boat in Cuba


    Video shows family on boat in Cuba


Video shows family on boat in Cuba 00:58

Story highlights

  • Hakken and his wife are accused of abducting their sons after losing custody
  • The boys were returned to grandparents in Florida
An American man accused of kidnapping his two young sons and sailing to Cuba was declared insane by a Florida judge.
Josh Hakken is insane and will likely be sent to a hospital for treatment before he can stand trial for the alleged kidnapping, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Chet Tharpe said Wednesday, CNN affiliate Bay News 9 reported.
The ruling adds another chapter to the bizarre story of Hakken, his wife and their two sons. Some of the tale unfolded last year on CNN.
Last April, Florida authorities said Josh and Sharyn Hakken kidnapped their two boys, ages 2 and 4, after losing custody of them. The boys were taken from the Tampa home of their grandmother. The story gained international attention when authorities said there was evidence that Hakken could have fled the country with the boys.
Later that month, CNN found the family of four on a small sailboat in Havana.
Josh Hakken glared through his sunglasses at the CNN reporter who found him and said nothing beyond confirming his identity.
The two boys are OK, said a woman matching the description of his wife, and she left it at that. Cuban security officials wearing sidearms appeared as a CNN video crew was filming and ordered them to stop.
Cuban authorities then detained Josh and Sharyn Hakken. The boys were returned to their grandparents.
Both Hakkens were also returned to U.S. to stand trial.
As for the fate of Sharyn Hakken? Her trial has been postponed, Bay News 9 reported.
The judge also wants to check her psychological reports.