Football fanatics win super prize: Super Bowl tickets, delivered by favorite players

Story highlights

  • Texas middle-school student among the winners of an NFL contest
  • Tyler Sampson received tickets to the Super Bowl from Dallas Cowboys' DeMarcus Ware
  • A 75-year-old flag football quarterback gets his tickets from legend Joe Namath
Tyler Sampson, a middle-schooler from Frisco, Texas, doesn't let his differences get in the way of his dream. The seventh grader was born with only half of his right arm, but he still excels on the football field.
This week, he was part of a different kind of victory. His story was included in the NFL's "Together We Make Football" contest, which highlighted inspiring, heartwarming and empowering stories from football fans around the country. Sampson and his parents had no idea that when a camera crew came to film a pep rally at his school, it meant he had won.
Standing in the middle of his school's gymnasium, Sampson was surprised by his favorite player, DeMarcus Ware. Ware had another surprise, too -- tickets to this year's Super Bowl.
Ware has been an inspiration to Sampson since they met in a grocery store a few years ago. Ware had taken a moment to encourage Sampson to follow his dreams of playing football.
Four other special football fans also won the grand prize, including Lee Krost, who is the quarterback of a flag football team at age 75. Krost received his prize from Joe Namath.