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Apparently This Matters: 'Ice Cube's a pimp'

Over 20 years after the release of his album
Over 20 years after the release of his album "The Predator" and its hit single "It Was a Good Day," Ice Cube is still a pimp.
  • In the early 90's rapper Ice Cube released the track "It Was A Good Day"
  • Comedian Donovan Strain believes Ice Cube's "good day" was January 20, 1992
  • An organization called Good Day Blimp is trying to convince Goodyear to fly their famous airship on January 20th

Editor's note: Each week in "Apparently This Matters," CNN's Jarrett Bellini applies his warped sensibilities to trending topics in social media and random items of interest on the Web.

(CNN) -- There's a classic rap song from the early 1990s called "It Was a Good Day" where Ice Cube chronicles 24 hours of peace and happiness on the otherwise rough and dangerous streets of South Central Los Angeles.

Twenty-four hours when he didn't have to shoot his AK-47. When he won a ton of money gambling.

And when he had lots of sex.

"Apparently This Matters" Is Jarrett Bellini's weekly (and somewhat random) look at social-media trends.

Naturally, the only part of the song I can relate to is the fact that he ate breakfast.

Of course, Ice Cube's "good day" was purely fictional. It's just a song. And if you want to have a quick listen, my best advice is to wear headphones because it's definitely not safe for work.

(That said, mom, if you are at home, feel free to blast it loud and be all gangsta. Invite the neighbors. Get funky.)

But what if this was real? What if Ice Cube really did have a good day. When might that have been?

The answer: January 20, 1992.

At least according to 28-year-old stand-up-comedian Donovan Strain.

In early 2012 -- 20 years after the song was originally released -- Strain, with presumably nothing better to do between gigs, actually pinpointed this specific date by piecing together key facts from the lyrics.

"It only took me 30 minutes," he wrote me in an e-mail. "I did all the research on my iPhone while I was upside down on my couch."

Really, I'm encouraged by his general lack of effort. Strain may or may not have burned an entire calorie while, once again, proving all good things in life can be accomplished in half an hour.

And probably without pants.

Strain later posted his research on Tumblr where, perhaps, somebody would find a noble application for this otherwise completely useless information.

Because ... the internet.
Because ... the internet.

And amazingly, because we are living in truly magical times, somebody actually did.

A few weeks ago, four longtime friends got together and launched an online fundraising project based on Strain's research and Ice Cube's Song. They're calling it the Good Day Blimp.

I spoke with two of the project creators, Jon Barco and Andy Dao, and they explained that their goal is to raise a bunch of money and then guilt-trip (my words) the Goodyear company into flying their iconic airship high in the sky on January 20 while spelling out in lights: ICE CUBE'S A PIMP.

This, referencing key lyrics from the song:

No helicopter looking for a murder / Two in the morning, got the Fat Burger / Even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp / And it read "Ice Cube's a Pimp."

Basically, these guys want to make Ice Cube's good day the best day. For everyone!

And, to do so, they're aiming to raise at least $25,000 through Crowdtilt that they will then donate to the South Central Los Angeles charity, A Place Called Home, which works to provide a safe, positive, family environment for at-risk youth.

But Goodyear must agree to fly the blimp and light up the sky with ICE CUBE'S A PIMP.

Essentially, it's corporate extortion for a good cause.

Andy Dao told me they want to "rally the masses to donate money ... in hopes to put enough social pressure on Goodyear."

Now just picture this with the words \
Now just picture this with the words "ICE CUBE'S A PIMP."

He also added, "We wouldn't have put this much work into something like this if we didn't think there was at least some percentage of obtaining the goal."

But the Good Day Blimp guys might not want to hold their breath.

Goodyear explained to CNN that they "receive thousands of requests every year for our blimps. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all of these. However, we are proud of our long record of supporting charities over the past 40 years."

The company also said they would speak directly with A Place Called Home to find a way to support the organization.

To be fair to Goodyear, they do have to be careful about setting a bad precedent. If you fly it for one organization, it's difficult to say no to others.

"Hi, this is Jim from the National Association of Naked Clowns."

But, in this specific case, the request does sort of have a very direct connection to the blimp. So it's different. And if Goodyear decides to let this one happen, people just might understand.

Bellini and Cube. Comedian Kevin Hart is off-camera right, completely confused by this conversation.
Bellini and Cube. Comedian Kevin Hart is off-camera right, completely confused by this conversation.

But there's also the issue of the word "pimp."

It's not necessarily profane, but it also isn't one of the key buzzwords that companies like to use publicly.

(Other words to avoid include: napalm, Miley, and gonads.)

The point is this. When you're flying a corporate blimp, displaying the word "PIMP" is certainly a bit more taboo than, say, lighting up the sky with: "DIANE, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"

Yet, decidedly less taboo than: "NAPALM MILEY GONADS."

Jon Barco acknowledges that even if they raise the $25k, it's going to be tough to convince Goodyear to use the word "pimp."

He says, "That word is a point of contention for sure. But we want to remind people that good days do exist, and the best way to do that is with one big, grand gesture."

So what does Ice Cube think of all this?

Coincidentally, he just happened to be in the CNN Center in Atlanta this week, promoting his new movie "Ride Along" with Kevin Hart. I caught up with him in the hallway and told him all about the project.

"I think it's dope," he said.

Snippets of lyrics from the song are hidden in this poster. Admit it -- you kind of want one.
Snippets of lyrics from the song are hidden in this poster. Admit it -- you kind of want one.

(Dope means "good," mom. Sort of like your meatloaf is totally dope!)

"You know, I've been trying to get (Goodyear) to do it for years, and now we have some real momentum behind it."

Cube further endorsed the project by saying, "Let's try to get 'ICE CUBE'S A PIMP' up on that blimp soon, man. Donate! Put in your church money! Give everything!"

Or just a little. All donations are welcome, but those who give $50 or more will receive a special limited edition "Good Day Blimp" poster illustrated by the artist, Michael Marsicano.

If they reach the money goal and Goodyear complies, that is.

The project creators stressed that they will never actually touch the funds, and if everything goes according to plan, A Place Called Home will get the money directly from Crowdtilt. If it fails, donations will not be processed. So, it's all or nothing.

And nothing would be very un-dope.

Unlike my mom's meatloaf.

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*** Update: It was a 'good day' for Ice Cube ***

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