His New Year's resolution pulls out all the stops -- 86 of 'em

With fare increases, broken down trains and seemingly unending "track work" on the Red Line, it's almost unthinkable that anyone would want to ride the Metro rail system here for fun. But that's exactly what Steve Ander did Saturday.
Ander, who calls himself the Metro Nomad on Twitter, made a New Year's resolution to ride to each of the 86 Metro stops -- across the District of Columbia and stations in suburban Virginia and Maryland -- in one day.
"The overall strategy is to get the spokes off in clockwise motion and hopefully end in center city DC," Ander told CNN, who caught up with Nomad as he rode from station to station.
The 18-hour odyssey was to be completed by 3 a.m. Sunday, with just over 106 miles of track to be covered across five different lines.
Ander, 31, uses Metro all week to get to his office from his Virginia home, but he wasn't satisfied with his usual routine. "When I finally got the gumption to do this I obviously wanted to live tweet it", and thus @Metro_nomad was created, where Ander could live tweet his journey all day.
"Working escalators everywhere at DuPont. Paradise." Ander tweeted at one point. Broken escalators are about as common as stalled legislation in the nation's capital.
Metro operating hours are longer on Saturday, giving Ander more time to complete his challenge, which includes getting out at every stop to take a picture.
Ander also looks forward to one stop in particular. "Metro has a stop called Wheaton (in Maryland), on Wikipedia they claim it's the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere, that's epic." Metro officials claim the Wheaton escalator is actually the second longest in the world, at 230 feet long.
For Ander's sake, let's hope the escalator was actually working.