Boy dies in joy ride on New Year's Eve in Michigan

Boys' joy ride ends in tragic crash
Boys' joy ride ends in tragic crash


    Boys' joy ride ends in tragic crash


Boys' joy ride ends in tragic crash 01:42

Story highlights

  • Two boys, 12 and 14, had an idea for late-night fun; it ended in tragedy
  • They sneaked out of the house and made away with a family car
  • Sheriff's deputies came knocking to question parents after the car hit a tree
  • The 12-year-old passenger was killed; the older boy, who was driving, was injured
In the early hours of New Year's Eve in a small town in Michigan, two boys apparently got a rambunctious idea for some late night fun. When it was over, one of them was dead, authorities said.
Brandon Burr and Adrian Chiquito sneaked out of the house early Tuesday in Niles, Michigan, and into Burr's grandfather's car, WOOD reported. The family was unaware of the boys' joy ride until Cass County sheriff's deputies came knocking at the door.
When they asked Adrian's father, Kevin Waldrop, and his wife, Jalaine, if they knew that the car was missing from their garage, they were shocked, and Jalaine Waldrop ran into the boys' bedroom.
They had not heard the boys leave, they told WOOD. They thought they were upstairs playing video games.
Brandon and Adrian shared a room like brothers, because their families lived together under the same roof.
"The kids were gone, and the blankets were stuffed with pillows, and she just knew," Kevin Waldrop told WOOD. "They took the car while we were sleeping."
The crash had split the car nearly in two. Brandon, 14, was at the wheel and was injured, Sheriff Joseph M. Underwood Jr. said.
The teen was speeding on roads slick from winter weather, lost control and ran into a tree, authorities said. He was taken to a hospital, where his condition was improving.
Adrian was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash, police said.
He was 12.