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Polio worker shot dead in Pakistan, militants warn of more targets

By Zahir Shah Sherazi, for CNN
updated 4:37 AM EST, Sat December 21, 2013
  • The polio worker was seriously injured
  • He succumbed to his wounds at a local hospital

(CNN) -- Militants gunned down a polio worker Saturday in the tribal area of Pakistan, officials said.

The attack occurred in a village in Jamrud Tehsil area of Khyber Agency.

The polio worker was seriously injured, and succumbed to his wounds at a local hospital.

Local political official Jehangir Azam Wazir confirmed that the polio worker died of bullet wounds.

Intelligence sources said the attackers left a pamphlet warning that those taking part in polio vaccinations or working for any nongovernmental organizations will be targeted.

Earlier, militants kidnapped teachers who supported a polio drive, but released them following intervention by local elders.