Haiti Earthquake Fast Facts

(CNN)Here's what you need to know about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, which struck January 12, 2010. The earthquake measured 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale and more than 230,000 people were killed.

The Toll:
230,000--316,000: estimates of the death toll vary.

300,000: number of injured

    1.5 million: people initially displaced

    85,432: displaced people remain in 123 sites as of September 2014

    : number of schools in Haiti affected by earthquake. Equals 23% of schools.

    More than 1,000: Haitian orphans adopted in the United States with assistance from the Help Haiti Act (as of December 2010)

    deaths due to cholera (as of August 30, 2014)

    706,089: suspected cholera cases since the outbreak in October 2010 (as of August 30, 2014)

    Response in Dollars:
    $13.34 billion
    : aid allocated by multilateral and bilateral agencies for 2010-2020 to Haiti for relief and recovery efforts, according to the United Nations Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti

    $6.43 billion: of the allocated $13.34 billion, amount of aid disbursed by multilaterals and bilaterals from 2010-2012

    $9.49 billion: total aid disbursed from 2010-2012 by multilaterals and bilaterals ($6.43 billion) and UN agencies and NGOs by private donors ($3.06 billion)

    More than $4 billion: aid committed to Haiti by the U.S. Government

    $3.1 billion: of the committed $4 billion, amount of aid disbursed by the U.S. Government (as of September 30, 2014)

    $44 million: total USAID support for prevention and response to cholera

    $381.8 million: Received by trustees from a total of $396.1 million in pledges to the international Haiti Reconstruction Fund as of March 31, 2014.

    Effect on Foreigners:
    : Death Toll of U.N. peacekeepers

    122: Americans confirmed dead