Gadget gifts your kids will love

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  • Many gadgets are aimed at children and teens
  • One tablet is meant for children under 10
  • A digital microscope can be a worthy teaching tool
  • Special battery-filled backpack can power gadgets on the go

(CNN)Technology touches all ages.

Yes, the world tends to focus on the smartphones, the tablets, the high-horsepowered hardware that keep the wheels of commerce and entertainment humming. (And, no doubt, they keep shopkeepers humming as well.)

    Generally, it's a world for adults. But not everything is aimed at the salaried set.

    Great gadget gifts for adults

    There are tech toys meant to fill children with wonder, teach them about the broader world -- or simply make them laugh in joy. And, of course, there are video games, which can entertain anyone.

    Here are some of the more interesting tech-oriented gifts for the children and teenagers in your life.