Mother of Florida girl who committed suicide plans to sue

Sheriff: This was further than bullying

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    Sheriff: This was further than bullying

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  • Stalking charges were dropped last week against two girls accused of bullying girl
  • Mother: "I'm going to make sure other children are not tormented like my daughter was"
  • Rebecca Sedwick died in September after jumping from a building

The mother of a Florida girl who jumped to her death announced Monday that she will sue those she believes responsible for her daughter's suicide -- less than a week after authorities dropped criminal charges against two girls accused of cyberbullying Rebecca Sedwick.

The civil wrongful death lawsuit has not yet been filed, and mother Tricia Norman did not specify the targets of the future legal action.

Rebecca, 12, died after jumping from the top of an abandoned concrete plant in September.

Norman said Monday she wants to use her daughter's suicide "to make society a better place to live."

"I'm going to make sure other children are not tormented like my daughter was," Norman said in a news conference in Orlando.

Authorities said Rebecca killed herself after months of cyberbullying from fellow students. The abusive behavior that authorities say prompted her suicide grew from a dispute between Rebecca and a former classmate over a boy they had both dated, police said in October.

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Authorities initially charged two girls, ages 12 and 14, with aggravated stalking, but the charges were dropped last week.

The state attorney's office declined to comment about the dropped charges and referred CNN to the girls' defense lawyers, who praised the decision and said there was no evidence of stalking.

Police said the abuse included messages such as "nobody cares about u," "i hate u," and "you seriously deserve to die."

Rebecca had already cut open her wrists months before the jump, but survived that suicide attempt.

Norman's attorney, Matt Morgan, on Monday called on Florida lawmakers to come up with a "Rebecca's Law" -- legislation that Morgan says would allow the state to file bullying charges against minors and their parents.

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