Zebra bites man, gazelle dies

Story highlights

  • A 10-year-old zebra bites a zookeeper multiple times
  • The keeper was taken to a hospital
  • A gazelle dies, probably after being spooked by the events

A 10-year-old zebra at the National Zoo in Washington bit a staff member several times Monday morning, according to zoo officials.

The injured zookeeper was alert and talking after the incident, but was taken to a hospital as zoo officials continued to investigate what happened.

They said the incident apparently led to the death of a young gazelle, which probably was spooked by the biting zebra. A necropsy report shows fractured vertebrae that could have been sustained when the year-old gazelle, named Tony, ran into a barrier.

The biting zebra, known as Gumu, was unharmed and has been taken out of the zoo's zebra exhibit.

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