What's in an airport name?

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  • War heroes, civil rights leaders and a musician: Airport namesakes cover a lot of terrain
  • One airport namesake was court-martialed for criticizing his superiors
  • Another built the airport himself and then sold it to the city

You know the airport names: Hartsfield-Jackson. O'Hare. Logan. Lambert.

But, all too often, they're just names. What about the people these American airports are named for?

ATL24: Inside the world's busiest airport

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    ATL24: Inside the world's busiest airport

ATL24: Inside the world's busiest airport 01:09

You might be surprised to find out just who's being honored by having their monikers on some of America's most important travel links.

We'll skip the presidential airports -- JFK, Reagan National and so on, and look at some of the less evident namesakes. Check out the gallery to meet the people behind the airport names.

ATL24: A day in the life of the world's busiest airport