11 indicted in bikers clash with SUV driver

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  • A police officer is among the people indicted
  • Motorist Alexian Lien was beaten by bikers after bumping one with his SUV, police say
  • The footage of the clash was captured and then went viral on the Internet

A grand jury indicted 11 bikers, including an undercover New York City police detective, in connection with a well-publicized clash with an SUV driver, according to the Friday indictment.

NYPD detective Wojceich Braszczok, was formally charged with gang assault, criminal mischief, riot and more in the 14-count indictment related to the September 29 altercation with SUV driver Alexander Lien.

Braszczok was off-duty at the time.

Footage of the incident recorded from a biker's helmet camera went viral after it was posted online.

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    Bikers indicted in SUV attack

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Authorities say Alexander Lien was chased by bikers after he initially bumped one during a biker rally on September 29. When his SUV was surrounded by several bikers, Lien called 9-1-1, told police he feared for his life and drove off, running over bikers and critically injuring one.

Lien's wife and 2-year-old daughter were in the vehicle with him. Lien has not been charged.

The chase that followed ended in traffic. Police say Lien's windows were smashed; he was dragged out of the SUV and beaten. He was treated and released from a hospital.

    Prosecutors say Braszczok is on video allegedly using his fist to bash in the rear window of Lien's SUV and kick it.

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