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Celebs give their accounts of LAX incident

By Lisa Respers France, CNN
updated 6:47 PM EDT, Fri November 1, 2013
  • NEW: Tatum O'Neal tweets that she hid in a storage room
  • NEW: Actor Tim Daly recounts being evacuated from Virgin Airlines lounge
  • "Incredible response" by authorities, tweets reality show host Chris Harrison
  • "Mythbusters" star said he and other hid under a plane

(CNN) -- As a gunman opened fire at Los Angeles International Airport, some celebrities who were there shared via social media what they were witnessing.

Tory Belleci of the hit Discovery network show "Mythbusters" was actually in the terminal when the shooting occurred. He described to CNN a movielike scene of passengers fleeing for their safety.

Suspect shot, in custody after LAX shooting

"It didn't register until everybody started, like, flying down the hallway and they were just jumping over chairs, jumping over people. hiding, and we were kind of trapped at the end of the terminal," he said.

Belleci, who was in the terminal waiting for his flight that had been delayed, said he did not see the shooter, but heard the shots. The experience dragged on for what "seemed like an eternity," he said.

"But finally the security came, opened up the door, and we all piled out onto the tarmac, and just kind of hid underneath the plane," he said.

Belleci tweeted details and photos of what was happening following the shooting.

Actor James Franco was also at the airport and tweeted an Instagram picture of himself stuck on a plane with the caption "At #lax Some s**tbag shot up the place."

Chris Harrison, host of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," tweeted that he was in Terminal 4 and witnessed an "Incredible response by LAPD & airport authority. This place was locked tight w precision quickly. God bless first responders!"

Singer Nick Jonas of the recently disbanded Jonas Brothers group tweeted that he was on a flight that landed at LAX after the shooting. His flight, Jonas said, had been scheduled to deplane at the terminal where the shooting had occurred.

"Currently waiting on the plane in a remote parking area," Jonas tweeted. "I am safe. Praying for the victims of this shooting."

Actress Tatum O'Neal tweeted that she was at the airport for a flight to New York, saw the shooter and hid in a storage room. "What a sad sad day but I'm so lucky to to be alive and I'm so sorry to all the families of the people that were hurt or even worse," she tweeted.

Actor Tim Daly is best known for roles on the television shows "Wings" and "Private Practice." He told CNN he was inside the Virgin America first-class lounge when he heard shots. Daly and other passengers were herded together by police and waited for an hour to be evacuated, he said. The group had no idea the gunman had been shot by authorities very near where the lounge.

"As we were evacuated, we were told to be careful not to step in any blood or glass as that would be evidence," Daly said.

CNN's Chelsea J. Carter contributed to this report.