Justin Timberlake's new album streaming early on iTunes

Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion
Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion


    Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion


Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion 05:27

Story highlights

  • Timberlake's album is scheduled to be released Sept. 29
  • His "20/20 Experience" is best-selling album so far
  • He will be touring through the fall

What's 20/20 divided by 2, minus 8?

Just ask tuxedo professional/arithmetic wizard Justin Timberlake: His "The 20/20 Experience 2 Of 2," officially scheduled for release on Sept. 29, is now streaming a full eight days early on iTunes.

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The sequel to the OG "20/20 Experience" (released this March and so far still the best-selling album of the year) includes lead single "Take Back The Night" and the recently released "TKO." Jay-Z and Drake also drop by on "Murder" and "Cabaret," respectively, because that is what famous millionaire music dudes do for each other. (Quid pro bro.)

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The remainder of 2013 is actually sort of a Timberfeast, if you're hungry; Justin will be touring through the fall, and promoting two upcoming films, the slick gambling drama "Runner Runner" and the Coen Brothers' more awards-baity '60s-folkie chronicle "Inside Llewyn Davis."

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