Justin Timberlake's new album streaming early on iTunes

Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion

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    Justin Timberlake on 'N Sync reunion

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  • Timberlake's album is scheduled to be released Sept. 29
  • His "20/20 Experience" is best-selling album so far
  • He will be touring through the fall

What's 20/20 divided by 2, minus 8?

Just ask tuxedo professional/arithmetic wizard Justin Timberlake: His "The 20/20 Experience 2 Of 2," officially scheduled for release on Sept. 29, is now streaming a full eight days early on iTunes.

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The sequel to the OG "20/20 Experience" (released this March and so far still the best-selling album of the year) includes lead single "Take Back The Night" and the recently released "TKO." Jay-Z and Drake also drop by on "Murder" and "Cabaret," respectively, because that is what famous millionaire music dudes do for each other. (Quid pro bro.)

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The remainder of 2013 is actually sort of a Timberfeast, if you're hungry; Justin will be touring through the fall, and promoting two upcoming films, the slick gambling drama "Runner Runner" and the Coen Brothers' more awards-baity '60s-folkie chronicle "Inside Llewyn Davis."

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