Egyptian police official killed in clashes on outskirts of Cairo

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy at the Presidential Palace on July 31, 2012 in Cairo, Egypt.

Story highlights

  • Security forces arrest 65 men in connection with a deadly attack last month
  • The operation is in Kerdasa, a district on the outskirts of Cairo
  • A police official is killed during armed clashes that took place there
  • Subway service in Cairo is briefly suspended after suspicious objects are found

Clashes between Egyptian security forces and armed men on the outskirts of Cairo Thursday left at least one police official dead, authorities said.

At least 65 men were arrested during the security forces' operation in the district of Kerdasa, the Interior Ministry said.

Images broadcast by Egyptian state TV showed security forces raiding buildings after a gun battle in the streets of neighboring Nahiya.

Last month, 11 police officers were killed in Kerdasa in an attack following a crackdown by security forces on supporters of former President Mohamed Morsy, which left hundreds of people dead.

Security forces have blamed Islamist supporters of Morsy, who was ousted by the military in July, for the killings of the police officers in Kerdasa. They had been unable to regain control of the area before Thursday.

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The Interior Ministry said three of the people arrested Thursday are main suspects in the killings of the police officers in Kerdasa and that the others were wanted in relation to the attack.

Also Thursday, the Cairo subway resumed service after being temporarily suspended following the discovery of suspicious objects on the track, Egyptian state TV reported. The Interior Ministry described the items on the track as "homemade foreign objects."

    There were no explosive charges found in the objects, the official news outlet Egynews reported.

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