Gun goes off in kindergartner's backpack at Tennessee school

Story highlights

  • A kindergarten student bought a firearm to school in his backpack
  • The firearm accidentally discharged from inside the student's backpack
  • No one was injured, officials say
A gun accidentally went off inside a kindergartner's backpack at a school in Memphis, the Shelby County Board of Education said Thursday, but no one was injured.
In a statement, the board said the child had brought a firearm to school and it discharged while students were waiting for the opening bell in the cafeteria.
School staff took possession of the backpack and local law enforcement responded. The situation is under investigation and classes continued as scheduled.
"There is no evidence at this time of harmful intent; however, weapons of any kind are prohibited on campuses, and this student will be disciplined in accordance with the state's zero tolerance policy," the board's statement said. "The safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance. Staff is trained to handle emergency situations, and all students were kept safe and calm while this matter was handled."
If the kindergartner is found guilty of an offense, he faces a 180-day suspension.