Men dressed as missionaries rob Vegas home at gunpoint

Fake Mormon missionaries rob man
Fake Mormon missionaries rob man


    Fake Mormon missionaries rob man


Fake Mormon missionaries rob man 01:38

Story highlights

  • The robbers posed as Mormon missionaries
  • Police: They spoke to the homeowner about religion before physically assaulting and robbing him
  • "Something went around my neck, a hand went around my mouth," homeowner says
The two men dressed as missionaries knocked on a door in Las Vegas. But instead of a Bible, they whipped out a gun.
The robbers, who posed as Mormon missionaries, chatted with homeowner Terence Delucia about religion briefly during the June incident, local police said.
About five minutes after they showed up, they physically assaulted him and robbed him at gunpoint, according to authorities.
"Something went around my neck, a hand went around my mouth," Delucia told CNN affiliate KTNV. "I screamed for my wife."
When she heard her husband's cries, Ida Delucia hid in a bedroom closet and dialed 911.
"I just wish I could have done something else . . . but I was really scared," she said.
Their daughter also took cover in her bedroom closet and waited for police to arrive.
As the family hid, the robbers beat Terence Delucia with a weapon and punched him repeatedly.
"I figured they were just going to kill me," he said.
After a brief scuffle, he finally told the thieves where they could find money in the house. The robbers took off with about $3,000 in cash, three iPads and an iPod.
Police released surveillance camera pictures of the suspects Tuesday, showing them dressed in black pants, white shirts, black ties and carrying black backpacks.
One was armed with a handgun, police said.
Both suspects are still at large.