Father of Chechen killed by FBI travels to U.S. to get 'justice'

'Couldn't they handle my son?'
'Couldn't they handle my son?'


    'Couldn't they handle my son?'


'Couldn't they handle my son?' 02:48

Story highlights

  • Ibagrim Todashev was killed in an interview with authorities
  • Todashev knew a Boston bombing suspect, was being questioned about other case
  • Todashev's father is in the U.S. to seek "justice"
  • Authorities said the younger Todashev attacked FBI agent
The father of a Chechen-American shot dead by an FBI agent has traveled from the Russia to the United States, saying he wants answers to questions he has about the incident.
Abdulbaki Todashev, the father of Ibragim Todashev, told CNN on Tuesday he wants to file a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from the May 22 shooting at his son's Orlando, Florida, home.
The elder Todashev was meeting in Tampa with attorneys and members of Florida's Council on American-Islamic Relations.
Ibragim Todashev was fatally shot during questioning about a 2011 triple homicide in Waltham, Massachusetts, as well as his relationship with deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
Todashev admitted to his direct role in slashing three people's throats in Waltham and said Tsarnaev was involved as well, a federal law enforcement official told CNN in June.
Law enforcement sources have said the son, a former mixed martial artist, was shot seven times after he rushed the agent. A law enforcement official told CNN that Todashev attacked the FBI agent with a broom handle.
A source said the internal administrative investigation into the shooting may not be completed for months.
Abdulbaki Todashev says he is seeking "justice."
"I want the people to face a court, according to U.S. law, the people who killed my son," said Todashev.
The Russian said his son's killing was an "unprecedented, intended murder." Authorities "didn't want him to keep talking, to keep living."
Todashev said he has not been able to see his son's autopsy report because the investigation is ongoing.
Law enforcement sources say the FBI has requested that the report not be made public until a customary review of the agent's use of deadly force has concluded.
The medical examiner's office said the FBI asked it to withhold the results pending an investigation.
Todashev declined to say where else he plans to travel in the United States or when he plans to leave.