Chief White House photographer joins Instagram

Story highlights

  • Chief White House photographer Pete Souza joins Instagram on June 24
  • His first photo is of the presidential seal on the Air Force One
  • He says he will only post photos taken on his iPhone
  • He doesn't plan to post selfies
Jumping on the social media bandwagon, chief White House photographer Pete Souza has joined Instagram to give us what we all expect to find on the photo sharing site -- photos of sunsets, food and dogs.
Well, you can find a few of the classic Instagram subjects interspersed with portraits of whatever helicopter or plane they are flying that day, and portraits of the president in meetings and giving speeches.
Souza, who joined two weeks ago, made his debut with a photo of the presidential seal on the Air Force One on July 24, promising to show "behind-the-scenes of the Presidency." His next post was of fruit on the plane.
Souza told that he would only be shooting on his iPhone.
"Since my primary function will always be photographing with my regular cameras, the Instagram photos will be more from situations away from the primary action," he said.
Souza's favorite filter is no filter, though he's used Lo-Fi a few times, he said.
Of the first 24 photos posted, three include the Obamas' dog, Bo.
"I love Bo especially because we're both of Portuguese descent. That said, photographing a dog with black hair is certainly a challenge," he said.
It's doubtful that we'll see a selfie from Souza, he said.
Follow first lady Michelle Obama, White House as well as Souza on Instagram.