What is CNN Student News?

What is CNN Student News?

CNN Student News is a ten-minute, commercial-free, daily news program designed for middle and high school classes. It is produced by the journalists at CNN. This award-winning show and its companion website are available free of charge throughout the school year.

Where can I find CNN Student News?

You can see it as a streamed video or download it as a free podcast, both available on our website, CNNStudentNews.com. The show is available Monday through Friday during the school year. The program is free and accessible to anyone who wants to watch; there are no subscription charges, sign-ups, or contracts to complete.

How do I get advance information about each day's show?

The Daily Email offers information on the major stories we'll be covering that day. On our homepage, you can sign up for this free, Daily Email. You can also check the Daily Transcript to see what stories are in the show. Remember that CNN Student News is a news program that presents current events and issues in the real world. We strongly advise you to preview each program before showing students, as you are the best judge of the appropriateness of its news content for your specific class.

How do I offer feedback about CNN Student News?

You'll find a "Contact Us" link on our home page, which lets you fill out an e-mail with your suggestions and input. You can also comment on the daily Transcript page and on social media, on our Facebook page or on Twitter @CNNStudentNews. We read and welcome all feedback.

How do I get my school mentioned on CNN Student News?

The CNN Student News Roll Call gives us a chance to involve more schools than ever in our show. Maybe yours can be one of them!

There is only one way to get your school in the running for a mention on CNN Student News:

Comment on the bottom of the Transcript and Roll Call page with your school name, mascot, city and state. We will be selecting schools from the comments on the previous show.

You must be a teacher or a student age 13 or older to request a mention on the CNN Student News Roll Call!