Gandolfini lives on in collectibles

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  • Hundreds of Gandolfini, "The Sopranos" items featured on eBay
  • Photographs most common
  • But a "Sopranos" clock is available
The death of James Gandolfini, best known as Tony Soprano on HBO's "The Sopranos, brought a wave of nostalgia and entrepreneurship to eBay on Wednesday night.
"Newly listed" items populated the online auction site. Vying for top billing were autographed photos, DVDs of the show and even a signed baseball ($149).
Given Soprano's popularity, it brought a new meaning to No. 1, with a bullet.
There was tough guy James Gandolfini with arms crossed on the cover of season one of "The Sopranos." The collection doubled in value before the online gavel fell.
Tough guy James Gandolfini with a pistol had a $55 bid.
And a portrait of tough guy James Gandolfini smoking a cigar was going for 81 bucks.
2007: 'The Sopranos' TV legacy
2007: 'The Sopranos' TV legacy


    2007: 'The Sopranos' TV legacy


2007: 'The Sopranos' TV legacy 02:46
Meanwhile, bids for a color 8-by-10 photo of the actor jumped nearly $50 shortly after news broke of Gandolfini's death in Italy at age 51.
That photo sold for $261.
A search of eBay and craigslist showed a slew of items -- mostly autographed photos -- marking TV shows and movies in Gandolfini's career.
A signed photo on eBay came with the description, "RIP JAMES GANDOLFINI 1961-2013."
Another image, signed by five "Sopranos" cast members, jumped from $152 to $255 by late Wednesday, with 22 hours of bidding to go.
On craigslist, a "The Sopranos" season premiere clock, labeled, "extremely rare," had been going for $25. The complete series on DVD was listed at $175.
Its listing included this enticement: "Lost scenes saved from the editing room."