Henry Winkler: 'I don't know how to ride a motorcycle'

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    'The Fonz' on 'Stroumboulopoulos'


'The Fonz' on 'Stroumboulopoulos' 00:34

"I don't know how to ride a motorcycle," Henry Winkler told CNN's George Stroumboulopoulos while discussing the actor's most iconic role to date, Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, of "Happy Days" fame.

"World crushed," proclaimed Stroumboulopoulos.
Winkler is a guest on Friday's "Stroumboulopoulos."
Turns out, Winkler only "rode" a motorcycle in a handful of quick shots; perhaps most noticeably when pulling into Arnold's drive-in restaurant.
    "I was on the bike," explained Winkler. "I was supposed to go about five feet... I went five feet at about 90 miles an hour. I'm not kidding. And the man who was the Director of Photography was sitting right in front of me. I watched him fly. I dropped the bike. We slid under the sound truck. They came running over and they pulled the bike out -- because they rented it -- then they pulled me out!
    "But here's the thing," continued Winkler. "The second bike I used, which was a Triumph, was the same bike that Steve McQueen used to jump the fence in 'The Great Escape'."
    Winkler also opened up to Strombo about aging and the fragility of life; as well as overcoming the struggles of being dyslexic.
    Catch the full interview when "Stroumboulopoulos" begins airing at its regular time -- Friday at 11 p.m. ET.