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10 embarrassing fast food fails you might not remember

By Ryan Broderick and Emanuella Grinberg, BuzzFeed/CNN
updated 3:28 PM EDT, Thu May 30, 2013
  • A customer posted a YouTube video of a racist rant by Papa John's pizza delivery man
  • Do you remember the Domino's employee who stuck cheese up his nose?
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Editor's note: This post was created for your reading pleasure as a collaborative effort between the editorial staffs of BuzzFeed and CNN. Beware, it contains offensive language.

(BuzzFeed/CNN) -- Fast food is quick and cheap and tastes delicious in a horribly wonderful way. But whether it's a misguided menu item or an employee hocking up mucus on take-out orders, it seems like there's always something crazy going on at your favorite fast food restaurant.

Papa John's made headlines this week after a delivery man pocket-dialed a customer during a racist tirade. Let's look back at a few more not-so-hot fast food moments from recent memory.

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