Scott Carpenter Fast Facts

Here is a look at the life of astronaut Scott Carpenter.
Birth date:
May 1, 1925
Birth place: Boulder, Colorado
Death Date: October 10, 2013
Father: Dr. Marion Scott Carpenter, a chemist
Mother: Florence (Noxon) Carpenter
Marriages: Patty (Barrett) Carpenter (1999-2013, his death); Barbara (Curtin) Carpenter (1988-?, divorced); Maria (Roach) Carpenter (1972-1986, divorced); Rene (Price) Carpenter (September 1948-1972, divorced)
Children: with Barbara: Zachary Scott; with Maria: Matthew Scott and Nicholas Andre; with Rene: Marc Scott, Kristine Elaine, Candace Noxon, and Robyn Jay
Education: University of Colorado, B.S. 1962
Military: U.S. Navy, 1949 - 1969, Commander
Other Facts:
Was both an astronaut and aquanaut.
Author of two novels, "The Steel Albatross" and "Deep Flight."
- After high school graduation, Carpenter attends the University of Colorado - Boulder for one semester before joining a U.S. Navy pilot training program.
1945-1949 - Returns to the University of Colorado - Boulder and studies aeronautical engineering.
1949 - Rejoins the Navy, leaving college with only one credit left to complete his degree.
1951-1953 - During the Korean War, Carpenter participates in anti-submarine patrols and shipping surveillance missions in the Yellow Sea, the South China Sea, and the Formosa Straits.
1954 - Assigned to the electronics division of the Naval Air Test Center, where he conducts experiments on a variety of airplanes.
1958 - Assigned to the USS Hornet and serves as an air intelligence officer.
April 9, 1959 - NASA announces the names of the Mercury 7 astronauts: Scott Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Virgil Grissom, Walter Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton.
May 24, 1962 - Becomes the fourth American in space and the second American to orbit the Earth, aboard the spacecraft Aurora 7. Flight time is 4 hours and 54 minutes; Carpenter orbits the Earth three times.
May 29, 1962 - Is awarded his bachelor's degree, by the University of Colorado - Boulder, despite having one course left to complete.
July 1964 - Breaks his arm in a motorcycle accident, which leads to him being eliminated from flight status.
1965 - Participates in the U.S. Navy's SeaLab II project, living and working 205 feet below the surface on the floor of the Pacific Ocean for 30 days.
1967 - Retires from NASA.
1969 - Retires from the Navy.
2003 - Carpenter's memoir, "For Spacious Skies," is released.
October 10, 2013 - Dies at the age of 88, from complications after a recent stroke.