Eduard Shevardnadze Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Eduard Shevardnadze, former president of Georgia.
Birth date:
January 25, 1928
Death date: July 7, 2014
Birth place: Mamati, Republic of Georgia, U.S.S.R.
Birth name: Eduard Amvrosievich Shevardnadze
Marriage: Nanuli Shevardnadze-Tsagareishvili (date unknown - October 20, 2004, her death)
Children: Paata;Manana
Education: Kutaisi Pedagogical Institute
Other Facts:
Target of multiple assassination attempts.
Nicknamed "white fox."
1948 -
Joins the Communist Party of Georgia.
1965-1972 - Georgia's Minister of Internal Affairs.
1972-1985 - Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Georgia.
July 1985-1990 - Serves as U.S.S.R. minister of foreign affairs, is appointed by Mikhail Gorbachev.
December 20, 1990 - Resigns as minister of foreign affairs.
July 1991 - Resigns from the Communist Party.
November 19, 1991-December 25, 1991 - Returns as U.S.S.R. minister of foreign affairs.
September 1991 - His book, "The Future Belongs to Freedom," is published.
March 1992-November 1995 - Chairman of the State Council of Georgia.
November 5, 1995-November 23, 2003 - President of Georgia.
November 23, 2003 - Resigns from office amid public protests and claims of corruption.
July 7, 2014 - Georgia's GHN news agency reports that Shevardnadze has died at the age of 86.