Mullah Mohammed Omar Fast Facts

Here's a look at the life of Mullah Mohammed Omar, who is credited with creating the Taliban.

Birth date:
circa 1958

Birth place: Afghanistan

Marriages: Has at least three wives.

Children: Has at least five or six children.

Other Facts:
Known as the Commander of the Faithful, Mullah Omar created the Taliban in the early 1990s, and is its spiritual guide.

United States reward for his capture is $10 million.

Was a rural Islamic cleric in the village of Singhesar before the 1990s. Would hold prayer services in exchange for money in order to provide for his family.

Lost an eye during a fight against the Soviets during their occupation of Afghanistan.

Early 1990s -
Becomes the leader of a group of students that eventually assume control of Afghanistan.

1990s - In the wake of the Soviet withdrawal, Omar creates the Taliban to overcome what he sees as Afghanistan's descent into warlordism and lawlessness.

1996-2001 - Is de facto leader of Afghanistan.

1996 - Enters Kandahar's grand mosque and removes a rarely seen holy cloth once carried by the Prophet Mohammed and waves it from the roof.

2001 - Rejects pressure from around the world -- including from many Muslim countries -- not to go ahead with plans to demolish two ancient statues of the Buddha carved into cliffs near the town of Bamiyan.

July 2002 - The United States launches an attack that hits a wedding party near Omar's extended family's home in Uruzgan province.

November 16, 2008 - Afghan President Hamid Karzai states that if Mullah Omar agrees to peace talks, the Afghan government will provide security for him.

July 2011 - Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Nujahid denies reports that Mullah Omar is dead, saying that the group's phones and websites were hacked in order to send out false text messages.