India gang-rape victim in Singapore for treatment; new protests hit New Delhi

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  • "The patient condition remains extremely critical," hospital official says
  • Students, elderly women joined a march that was blocked from downtown New Delhi
  • Widespread anger about a 23-year-old woman's rape has prompted massive protests
  • She was hospitalized after a rape and beating on a moving bus on December 16

The victim of a brutal gang rape that sparked massive protests in India arrived in Singapore for treatment Thursday morning.

"The patient condition remains extremely critical as before," said Dr. Kelvin Loh, CEO of Mount Elizabeth Hospital. "Prior to coming to Singapore, she had three abdominal surgeries and cardiac arrests in India. Currently, we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists who are taking care of her and doing everything possible to stabilize her condition."

The 23-year-old woman spent days in intensive care after what police said was a rape and beating on December 16 on a moving bus in New Delhi.

Widespread anger about the incident prompted massive anti-rape protests in the Indian capital over the weekend. Riot police surrounded downtown streets as scores of protesters -- mostly students -- took to the streets again Thursday.

Elderly and middle-aged women also joined the march, which was blocked from moving into downtown New Delhi, the scene of furious protests over the weekend.

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    India rape victim in critical condition

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    Rape protesters hit with water cannons

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    Women on alert after gang rape in India

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Marching demonstrators carried placards demanding fast-tracking of rape trials across the country and an emergency session of parliament to toughen laws related to sex attacks.

New Delhi rape exposes the perils of being a woman in India

    "Commit or quit," read a large banner. "Justice for women now."

    Protesters chanted slogans against the government and police for Sunday's crackdown on anti-rape demonstrations in New Delhi's government district.

    Hundreds of police had fanned across the area in riot gear well before the march.

    "Despite massive protests across Delhi and India, the government's assurances have been hollow and smack of tokenism," said Neha Kaul Mehra, a student participant. "Rather, the response -- the crackdown -- has been feudal."

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    The Cabinet plans to set up a commission to look into the rape and suggest measures to improve women's safety. The commission has three months to submit its report to the government.