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Think big, ask for more: 10 ways women can succeed at work in 2013

By Catriona Davies, CNN
updated 11:48 PM EST, Thu December 20, 2012
  • Women offer their career resolutions for 2013
  • Women contacted us through CNN comments and social media
  • We highlight the key themes for professional development for 2013

London (CNN) -- As we prepare to embrace a new year, women have been sharing their plans to improve their work lives in 2013.

We asked women to tell us their career New Year's resolutions, and you have inspired us with your ideas.

Whether they're big ambitions, a change in attitude or new priorities, the women who contributed know what they want and how to get it.

Here are some of our favorite pieces of advice -- we hope you find them helpful too:

Create time for things that are important

Whether it's creating time for business priorities or life outside work, many wanted to work more efficiently.

Amanda Pouchot, founder of The Levo League, an online community of young professional women, said: "My goal is to be better at prioritizing so that I can leave the office at a reasonable hour and go to the gym. In order to succeed in my job, I need to first take care of myself and be the best I can be."

On The Levo League discussion board Kristen Andersson said: "In 2013, I'll shift my career into next gear by deliberately setting aside time for the two long-term projects I've identified."

Louisa Crook added on Twitter: "Going to push forward once and for all with focusing on my niche (content) and stop taking clients that keep me out of it!"

I'd rather get a hundred 'no's than never have asked in the first place.
Erica, CNN comments

Ask for more

Erica, on the CNN comments thread, said: "Confidence. Even when I'm not feeling particularly confident, forcing myself to act confident.

"I think it's important women not be afraid to go after what they want professionally -- which means being direct and asking for that next raise or promotion. This coming year, I will be focusing on squashing that fear. I'd rather get a hundred 'nos' than never have asked in the first place."

Also on the CNN comments, cap said: "This year I'm working on being more assertive with my opinions and ideas. Working on my leadership skills and putting myself out there and once I am able to do that, ask for a promotion and pay raise."

On Levo League, Kat Reilly said: "My number one goal for 2013 is to ask for more -- to let others know what I want, to go after it and to take action."

Improve my relationships

Dr Letitia Wright, host of the Wright Place TV Show, in Southern California, got in touch on Twitter to say: "I plan to leverage my relationships (better) in 2013. Connect on (a) deeper level and make things happen for both parties."

Write a book, or just write

Annalyzes, on Twitter, said: "Write my book!", and Creations Jo said on the CNN comments page: "I will be focusing my efforts on my writing career. Publish my breakthrough novel."

Tinu Abayomi-Paul, editor of Women Grow Business, told us on Twitter: "I plan to make a shift in my career toward more writing, which is my (first) love, and use it to anchor my income."

Do more public speaking

In 2013 I want to find passion in my career.
Kate Neschke, Levo League

Pat Romain said through the CNN comments: "I also want to do more speaking and teaching since I love to show other women that it really is possible to create a business from nothing."

Jill Foster said via Twitter: "Hello #2013! I want to assert & test my voice more as a speaker w/ diverse audiences & voice over opportunities," and ‏Amy Kocur said: "I will be a better speaker/ interviewee."

Delegate more

Sandy Sidhu said on the CNN comments thread: "My biggest business resolution for 2013 is 'let go to grow' and being able to delegate more and try not to do it all."

Kate Ross, meanwhile, said: "In 2013 I want to become a better boss ... I need to get into the habit of being better with task delegation."

Think big

Janet, on CNN comments thread, said: "My 2013 goal is to become a full-time business owner and entrepreneur that supports myself. I have played way too small the past two years and it's time to step up and make BIG shifts."

Find the passion

Kate Neschke said on Levo League: "Being good in a job is very different than being passionate about one. In 2013 I want to find passion in my career. My resolution is to identify what that looks like and how to get there."

Improve my education

On LinkedIn, Carrie Johnson said: "After losing a sister to cancer, climbing the corporate ladder lost its appeal. I returned to school at age 39 to acquire a Masters in Counseling and plan on pursuing a Doctorate beginning next year."

Also on LinkedIn, Sandra Larson added: "I am planning a career overhaul since I will finish my dissertation which means I will receive my PHD in Business Administration."

Victoria Bertotti said on LinkedIn: "I'm working on my doctorate in Education. I am convinced that having a doctorate is what it takes to really get ahead."

A final thought

Amid all the optimism, Fed Up Liberal got in touch on Twitter with a word of warning for us all: "Careful what U tweet. If your resolution doesn't fit Ur bosses goals. U could be looking for a new job early. Tweets R Public."

See more reactions on Twitter #LWresolutions and LinkedIn's Professional Women's Network or let us know yours in the comments below.

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