Kennedy trial wraps; left in judge's hands

Douglas Kennedy is accused of assaulting two New York nurses in January.

Story highlights

  • Attorney Robert Gottlieb says the nurses are "hoping they will line their pockets"
  • But prosecutors counter that Kennedy had been too quick to resort to violence
  • Judge John Donahue is hearing the case and is soon expected to render a decision

Closing arguments wrapped up in the trial of the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who is accused of child endangerment and physical harassment. Prosecutors say he twisted one nurse's arm and kicked another as he tried to leave the maternity ward of a suburban New York hospital with his newborn son.

Douglas Kennedy's attorney Robert Gottlieb again sought to drive home the narrative that the two nurses "grossly overreacted to a father's simple request" to take the child outside and "created and instigated a conflict that was entirely unnecessary."

The nurses are "hoping they will line their pockets with Douglas Kennedy's money," he added.

But prosecutors counter that Kennedy was too quick to resort to violence.

Assistant District Attorney Amy Puerto said that if he wanted to leave the ward, he could have waited for proper clearance.

Judge John Donahue is hearing the case and is soon expected to render a decision.

One of the nurses, Anna Lane, testified Monday that she initially had reached in to hold open an elevator door to prevent Kennedy from leaving that way. When he headed toward a stairway door, she ran to it and put her hand on the doorknob.

"I had my hand behind my back and he grabbed my left hand -- which was on the doorknob -- and twisted my arm," said Lane.

Before he entered the stairway, Kennedy raised his foot and kicked another nurse, Cari Luciano, who had come to help, Lane said. Kennedy only got down as far as the next landing, where he was met by security.

After Kennedy was arraigned in February, his attorney released a statement that said nurses initially agreed to let him take the baby outside. It demanded "appropriate disciplinary action" be taken against Lane and Luciano.

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